Carl M. Freeman Foundation Awards 11 FACES Grants

The Carl M. Freeman Foundation recently announced the 11 Montgomery County nonprofit organizations that received funding totaling $105,000 through the FACES (Freeman Foundation Assists Communities with Extra Support) Grant Program which focuses support to small organizations that provide grassroots services to the community.

The FACES program utilizes an advisory board composed entirely of citizens who live or work in Montgomery County. Advisory board members include community leaders, business professionals, students, and nonprofit ambassadors. Advisory board members evaluate the applications and recommend where funding should be awarded based on the needs and priorities of the community.

The 11 nonprofits receiving grants are Court Watch Montgomery, Cross Community, Devon C. Rubenstein Foundation, Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County, Gaithersburg HELP, Mid-County United Ministries, Montgomery County Family Justice Center Foundation, Nourish Now, Olney Help, Spanish-Speaking Community of Maryland, and The Dwelling Place.

The total awards fund in 2021 was set at $105,000 which allowed grantees to receive $10,000 or $5,000 grants. The projects these grants will fund serve a wide array of needs in Montgomery County including support to those with language barriers, closing the gap on food insecurity, and supporting residents that suffer from mental illness as well as victims of domestic violence.

“Local nonprofits in our community continue to experience dramatic increases in demand for their services. Our Board of Trustees want to ensure these small organizations directly serve the residents of Montgomery County are able to maintain and expand their services to those in need,” said Michelle Freeman, President and Chair of the Carl M. Freeman Foundation.

The Carl M. Freeman Foundation commits its time, talent, and treasure to facilitate, support, and promote innovative community-based leadership and giving. We seek to honor our founders’ legacies and passions by endorsing excellence and leveraging resources. Generally, we limit donations to communities where the customers, employees, and vendors of Carl M. Freeman Companies work, live, and play. Please visit for more information about the Carl M. Freeman Foundation.